Meet DaNae'

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For 15 years, I have been transforming hair and loved every minute. Five years into my career I noticed how many women struggled with similar issues desiring fuller/longer hair and I wanted to help my clients feel their best in all areas. I decided to dive into the hair extension world and it has been the best decision for my career as it revealed my true passion. 

It's a privilege to hear the stories of women who sit in my chair and hair can be a small reflection of their story as they have experienced hair loss through child birth, a stressful season, or sickness. Each circumstance can cause physical stress and I love being able to help women get that part of themselves back. However, many choose hair extensions simply for fun and there's no greater joy than watching a client walk out the door having more self confidence than when they came in. 

No matter your reason for wanting hair extensions my goal is to make you look and feel your best from beginning to end and I can't wait to share my passion and meet you!